Uluslararası Etkinlikler

Başlık Gösterim
UAEA - INT0092 "Training Course on Synchrotron-based Techniques and Complementary Techniques under the SESAME School on Cultural Heritage" 193
UAEA - INT9182 "Interregional Training Course on Regulatory and Operational Aspects for the Management of DSRS" - (basic for new staff) 71
UAEA - INT9182 "Interregional Meeting on Addressing Security Concerns at Entry Points" 58
UAEA Bölgelerarası (Interregional Projects - INT) Projelere Katılma Çağrısı 124
UAEA 2018-2019 Dönemi Bölgesel ve Bölgeler Arası Projelere Katılma Çağrısı 199
UAEA"Second Technical Meeting on Radiation Detection Instruments for Nuclear Security; Trends, Challenges and Opportunities" 75
UAEA - "Third International Conference on Human Resource Development for Nuclear Power Programmes: Meeting Challenges to Ensure the Future Nuclear Workforce Capability" 144
UAEA - "FAO/IAEA International Symposium on Plant Mutation Breeding and Biotechnology" 223
OECD/NEA-INLE Programı 175
UAEA-International Training Course on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities 153
UAEA - RER5022 "Regional Coordination Meeting on Progress and Perspective on the Control Programmes for Aedes Invasive Mosquites" 127
UAEA - RER9137 "Regional Training Course in the Application, the Use and the Maintenance of Laboratory Instruments for Differentiation and Quantification of Radioisotopes in Animals and Animal Products" 159
UAEA - RER9137 "Regional Training Course in the Application, the Use and the MaIntenance of Field Survey Instruments 180